Dream League Soccer Announced

Dream League Soccer LogoToday we’re excited to announce our new game, Dream League Soccer.

Dream League Soccer is a free to play soccer game built upon our in development FTS 2012 engine, and will hopefully be on the app store in the next couple of weeks.

Here’s the full press release, and some screenshots:

First Touch Games unveils Dream League Soccer

[7th December 2011] Oxford, UK. First Touch Games has announced that its latest football title has been submitted to the App Store for approval. Dream League Soccer is a free to play action soccer game which allows players to build their own team to compete against top clubs from around the world. Dream League Soccer is built upon the in development First Touch 2012 engine, and will arrive on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad this month.

Charles Chapman, Director, First Touch Games, comments “Our new 2012 engine has had some major updates over last year’s game, and Dream League Soccer is a first chance to see what it’s capable of. We have improved visuals, gameplay, and loads more. Dream League Soccer as a free to play game is a new direction for us, and something we’re excited about. It’s not a demo, or a cut down version of another game, it’s all in there.”

Andy Dunn, Associate Producer, First Touch Games, comments “First Touch Soccer was so well received earlier this year, but this is another step up. We’ve spent a lot of time gathering feedback from our loyal fans, and much of this has made it into Dream League Soccer.”

Dream League Soccer will be available to download from the App Store before Christmas.

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About First Touch Games Ltd.

First Touch Games is an independent studio, formerly a team within award-winning developer Exient Ltd, developing sports games across multiple digital download platforms. The team’s previous output has included work on several global franchises and has sold multiple millions of units worldwide. Its most recent product was the critically acclaimed First Touch Soccer, which remains the highest reviewing soccer game on iPhone, according to Metacritic, with a score of 91.

For any press enquiries, please email press@firsttouchgames.com

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