Our top priority is to make games that are engaging to play, provide a competitive but safe gaming experience and are fair for all players.

We will always commit to, and expect, the following fundamental principles:

  • We do not tolerate cheating in any form. In a competitive match, players have the right to expect their opponents to have progressed within our games fairly in the right spirit. ‘Cheating’ includes the use of external software bots, tools or ‘hacks’ or the exploitation of bugs for unfair advantage. We may block players that we detect cheating in this way.
  • We aim to provide a level playing field in all competitive matches, where a game’s AI will interact with our Players on a consistent and equal basis.
  • We never pre-determine any result in advance, nor do we artificially bias the performance of one player when playing against another.
  • We strive to ensure our match making is fair, taking into account, the relevant level achieved and recent results.
  • We do our best to respond to all queries we receive into our Support helpdesk within 48 hours but normally it is 24 hours, taking into account weekends, holidays and busy periods. If there is a defect in any game that unfairly disadvantages a player, we will put that right. A ‘defect’ however, does not include an expectation to always be successful! Nor does it include a perceived problem with the AI in a game (more on that below). If you are having difficulty playing any game, please refer to the relevant FAQs for each game which can help.
  • We will not respond to enquiries that are aggressive or contain foul or abusive language. Nor will we respond to ongoing, repetitive individual queries that we believe that have been fairly addressed already.


We portray our games in a realistic, 3D style. They can be single player puzzle type games or competitive matches against a Game’s AI or against other players in a live environment. They aim to test the strategic and tactical choices you make, from overall team and player management, down to the individual ‘swipe’, pass, shot or move.

Our games are not a simulation - luck and unpredictability do play a part.

Our games are not designed to be a full and accurate simulation of the associated sport, particularly our football games. As they are ‘games’, unpredictability and luck will play a part for everyone alongside skill and judgement. This is what we think makes our games competitive but entertaining and fun to play at the same time.

We also think that these elements of unpredictability and luck reflect the true nature of competitive sports in general – where crazy results constantly happen that defy logic. This is what makes sport, including competitive football, so unique and compelling.

A little bit about our AI

We constantly develop and fine tune the AI in our games, striving to strike a balance between player judgement and skill as well as luck. A game’s AI will conduct what happens in a match, which can be influenced by the player’s tactical choices - including passing and shooting quality, formation choices, a character’s particular development profile, pitch positioning, predicted player movement and other simulated elements such as weather, ball spin, stadium influence and more. If you are well-skilled and can think laterally, you should expect to progress.

You are improving and moving up. Other players are improving too.

And finally, do remember that as you progress and improve, so will your opponents! Matches will get more competitive and a game’s AI will become more demanding. But it will, at all times, be fair to the individual player and to any opponent.